It’s no secret – I love a good burger. And if you throw in a basket of fries and a milkshake I’m sold.

Having tried a vast number of the many burger joints London has to offer, there is one restaurant that I find myself returning to again and again: The Diner. As well as serving some amazing burgers – as I mentioned back in this post, I’m a huge fan of their guacamole and monterey jack-topped Californian Burger – the restaurant is a lively and fun place to eat at.

From the pool tables to the glittery red booths, the whole place is teetering on the verge of being unbelievably tacky and yet somehow, manages to maintain an effortless cool in the face of incredible cliche. With restaurants all over London – my local being the one on Essex Road – The Diner is the perfect go-to location for a laid-back meal. Particularly if you’re in need of a carbo load.

On my most recent visit, I even dared to venture away from the trusty burger section of the menu and, in the spirit of trying new things – as per my autumnal resolutions – opted for the Yankee Pig Dog, an immense combination of hot dog, pulled pork, mustard and pickles. Delicious.

Topped off with a coconut and nutella milkshake, it was the ideal antidote to my post-lacrosse aches and pains.


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