That’s right folks; after months of fun with a semi-functioning phone, I have finally laid my hands on the ultimate piece technological gadgetry.

As many of you will know, I am by no means an authority when it comes to the latest and greatest gadgets (in fact half the time I can barely work the on/off function), but I have to admit, the prospect of the much-anticipated iPhone 5 had my inner geek doing excited cartwheels of joy.

True to form, the media has been quick to judge, criticise and – in some cases – even compliment the latest offering from Apple; indeed, so much has been said of the must-have phone, it’s hard to decipher fact from fiction. So, having spent the past few days in a blissful bubble of new phone happiness, I thought I’d share my (rather inexperienced) initial thoughts on the wunderphone:

The packaging is, as ever, unbelievably chic; the satisfyingly crisp white box was enough to send a series of geeky shivers down my spine, while the cute ear bud case had everyone in the office ooh-ing and ah-ing in delight

 Setting up the phone is incredibly easy – even the most technologically incapable should have no problems with this super speedy system. Having connected to my WiFi, I breezed through the initial set-up and was finished and ready to roll in under 15 minutes. Easy peasy

∆ While the new charger has had its fair share of criticism, I have to say I actually really like the new, smaller system. It is easier to fit into the phone and can be inserted either way up, making life a lot easier when I’m doing my post-lights off, pre-sleep charger cable hand scrabble each night

∆ The new, slimmed down design is delightfully chic and, in comparison with my antiquated iPhone 3GS is incredibly light to handle. While the design is slightly longer than the iPhone 4, this allows for a pretty swish, extra large screen which, incidentally, has a crystal clear display

∆ The new ear buds are far comfier than the previous own-brand Apple headphones which were, let’s face it, pretty horrendous. Providing you with a far better in-ear fit, the Apple ear buds are a welcome upgrade from the last model

∆ Is it worth the money? Well, in all honesty I have yet to know. I was due an upgrade and to me, it made sense to upgrade to the best phone out there. While I’m not exactly sure what the 4G networks will entail – feel free to explain! – I’m excited to see what impact the launch will have on my new 4G-capable handset

∆ Drawbacks? Just a few and they are so very minor that I’m not sure it’s worth mentioning. But, in the interests of thoroughness, I will:

Quite a number 0f the apps have yet to implement the necessary upgrades that will allow them to use the entirety of the new, longer screen, which seems like a bit a shame given that it is one of the most outstanding features of the phone

∆ The second and perhaps the more shallow of the two is that there are currently very few cases and covers available for the iPhone 5. Call me crazy, but it seems like the companies responsible for designing these things could have planned a little further ahead? I wait with eager anticipation for the quirky cases that I know are just moments away from release

So, there you have it. I’m sure there are many tech-savvy aficionados out there who will be shaking their head in fury, frustration – nay horror! – at my rather simple review of this exciting and complex piece of technology, but I wanted to share my slightly easier-to-digest opinion for all of those users who, like me, are finding themselves a bit overwhelmed by the seemingly never-ending number of over-the-top reviews.

If any of you have recently invested in a new iPhone – or any of its competitors! – I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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