This weekend was crazy, in the best possible way. I managed to cram a huge amount of activity into what seemed like an incredibly small amount of time but I loved how many different things I got to do and how many people I was lucky enough to spend some time with.

From the Heston Blumenthal-style cocktails on Saturday night (more on that later) to Sunday’s incredibly emotional Olympic closing ceremony, this weekend was non-stop from the get-go.

I could spend days waxing lyrical about the closing festivities of the London 2012 Games – which as you might have guessed, I loved – but I’m sure by now the majority of you have seen about as much Olympic coverage as you can handle, so I’ll spare you my personal thoughts on the sheer brilliance of last night’s ceremony. Needless to say, it was a night that will go down in history and it is one that I am not likely to forget soon.

This week I’m concentrating on catching up on all of those little jobs that I put off in favour of watching the Olympics – you’d be surprised how much energy spectating can consume – while also perhaps indulging in a few pieces of iPlayer-ed London 2012 coverage, for old times’ sake.


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