Look what arrived yesterday!

I know that the London 2012 Olympics is a source of much frustration and anger for a lot of Londoners at this current point in time – traffic is awful, the tubes are crowded and tourist hot spots are now so crowded there are some who are simply refusing to enter the more central parts of the capital for fear of being trampled – but despite all of that, I couldn’t resist sharing with you my excitement about this one particular event.

Having been an avid gymnastics fan for years – sadly I’ve never been petite enough to be any good myself – this was the one event that I knew I had to see. While I was unable to secure tickets myself (cue raging tantrum at LOCOG) one of my closest friends was kind enough to offer me one of hers (cue excitable screaming) and I could not be more excited.

I know there will be aspects of the Games that will undoubtedly drive me mad – the crowds, the ridiculous transport delays and the inflated food prices, to mention a few – but regardless of the logistical stresses, I cannot wait to experience being a part of such a huge global phenomenon, tacky Team GB memorabilia and all.


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