I’m a great lover of Mexican food; I pride myself on having tried the majority of Mexican eateries available in London and while there are now numerous Mexican meccas dotted around the capital – Chilango, Chipotle, Benito’s Hat, Tortilla – none quite measure up to my ultimate favourite, Wahaca.

The brainchild of talented chef Thomasina Miers, Wahaca is an amazing mix of incredible food, fiery tequila-laden beverages (they have a whole menu dedicated to their range of tequilas) and overall fun-filled foodie enjoyment. The magaritas are some of the best I’ve tasted and, along with the crunchy taquitos and cheese-filled quesadillas, are the perfect antidote to a busy day/week/hour of London-based activity.

Every element of the restaurant evokes a sense of creativity and excitement (rather than the tradition restaurant-branded matchbooks, they hand out matchbook-style grow your own serano chillies packets) and the unique blend of street-style food and urban space makes for an outstanding eating experience.

With a menu that is full to the brim with fresh ideas and unique recipes – I hate vegetables but even I have to admit the cactus-courgette taco is pretty epic – and a delightful decor that is colourful, vibrant and bursting with personality – my favourite feature being the egg-like swing chairs in Wahaca Soho’s downstairs bar – this restaurant is without a doubt one of my favourite spots in London.







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