*sweet treats*

I’ve been a fan of cupcakes for as long as I can remember; regardless of my mood, they never fail to put a smile (along with an errant flick of frosting) on my face.

Having searched throughout London – and indeed much of the UK – I have failed to find anywhere that makes a better baked cupcake than Hummingbird Bakery. From their irresistibly sickly sweet frosting to the adorable decorations adorning each individual cake, these are, to my mind, the best that British baking has to offer.

With shops located across the capital, a Hummingbird Bakery cake is never far from reach – indeed I blame the Hummingbird bakers entirely for my seemingly ever-increasing waistline – and their new “free from” range ensures that even those usually unable to indulge in cake-based creations are able to sample a taste of true Hummingbird heaven.

While their classic cakes continue to delight customers, you can always be sure of something slightly different upon every visit to Hummingbird. Their current “Biscuit Tin” range is filled with biscuity-based creations sure to delight even the most discerning of visitors and should cupcakes not be your thing – ?! – there are plenty of other baked basics to keep your taste buds satisfied.


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