For those of you who know me, you’ll be well aware of the fact that I am one of the least trendy and fashion-forward people around. For those of you that I haven’t had the chance to meet yet, the fact that I use phrases like “trendy” and “fashion-forward” will undoubtedly serve as evidence for many of you of my ultimate lack of cool.

Despite my outwardly awkward appearance however, I remain ever-interested in fashion, devouring numerous magazines every month – often, due to a lack of funds, while standing next to the mag rack at Tesco – and staring perhaps a little too openly at those achingly cool girls who seem capable of pulling off a totally chic look while wearing what looks like a giant piece of tinfoil wrapped around a glitter-encrusted moon rock.

While I’ve never found one of those in Beyond Retro, the shop has plenty of other wonders to offer its customers. A veritable treasure trove of vintage delights, Beyond Retro’s three London-based stores each house hundreds of the most incredibly unique – and often totally bizarre – retro items that will have you desperately sifting through an unimaginable variety of clothing, desperately trying to find a valid reason to purchase six multi-coloured tulle tutus (“Oh, you know, for all that ballet I do….”).

Whether you’re into your vintage fashion or not, Beyond Retro is a must-visit for all your shopping enthusiasts out there. And for those of you not so into your consumer-focused activities, the Dalston-based store has a delightful cafe attached onto the main part of the shop that serves superb coffee (while I hate to admit it, even the new Starbucks lattes don’t come close) and some cracking cakes from sunrise to sundown every day.





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